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At MAC1 we're more than just a technology company. We've partnered closely in establishing a large number of technology programs with forward thinking schools across Australia and to us thats the key word - Partnership. Onboard we have the experience, the professional services and the professional development expertise to ensure a successful implementation with a strong focus on continued ICLT growth in the classroom.

To facilitate the success of any integration of ICLT's into your school's current infrastructure, dedicated MAC1 Account Executives coordinate and manage the entire deployment processes. From imaging, configuring IP addresses and security settings to asset tagging, staging warehousing, and student deployment, our expertise at managing these detailed logistics reduces your risk. MAC1 can help you achieve a timely, successful deployment that meets both your educational goals and your budget.

The MAC1 group employ a Professional Development division whose primary role is integrating the Apple platform into schools. We tailor training dependant on your school's specific needs; one-on-one with teachers, or a by-group basis up to entire school-wide ICLT projects. Our Professional Development facilitators are registered teachers, not just trainers, who are able to work with both staff and students in the classroom via a team-teaching environment they also fully appreciate the challenges faced by teachers when trying engage the students of today.

MAC1 provides highly structured Professional Development and teacher resources. With our comprehensive and customisable Professional Development programs across multiple Key Learning Areas you can be sure that both teachers and administrators will be ready for any technology learning initiatives.


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