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Schools have embraced Wacom technology on a number of different levels.

  • As schools move towards developing web sites, professional publications and sophisticated marketing, the use of tablets to enhance digital images, to create Flash files, animations etc has led to the people responsible for these areas using graphic tablets to enhance both their printed and online publications.
  • With the trend towards the use of interactive whiteboards, tablets have become increasingly either an adjunct or a more mobile and affordable alternative presentation tool. As all schools have access to MS Office, it is an easy and cost effective practice to take advantage of the handwriting recognition functionality available in Office and the mark up tools in Power Point to make teaching more dynamic, flexible and engaging for the students. The combination of a Bluetooth tablet with a data projector and laptop provides an inexpensive, mobile presentation solution that allows the teacher to move about the classroom interacting with students while still retaining the ability to control what is being displayed from their computer. In the same way students are able to contribute their input for the whole class via the tablet.
  • For younger and less able students engagement with a computer via a pen tablet rather than a mouse or a keyboard offers a more intuitive interface not far removed from drawing or writing with a crayon or pencil.

The improved handwriting recognition functionality available via Vista and Office 2007 combined with just an entry level Wacom Graphire4 tablet provides an intuitive and powerful interface for both student and teacher.


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