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Use Speech to Create Text Quickly and Accurately

Workshop 5 - afternoon 1pm-4pm

Presenters: Margaret Neilsen, Carol Yeomans, Derek Austin, Nuance

Workshop: Use Speech to Create Text Quickly and Accurately The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Workshop

Target Audience: Special Education/Communications/ English/SOSE/Science teachers, teachers who have difficulty writing their school reports, teachers with an interest in underachieving students - those with specific literacy problems.


This session will acquaint you with speech recognition technology and show you how it can be used in the classroom, particularly for improving student writing. The workshop will consist of three parts:

1.With Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, you talk to your computer through a microphone and Dragon converts what you say into text. You can command the computer to open applications, move from one place to another and read back text, or you can use Dragon for writing emails, reports, assignments and even novels. To begin, Dragon expert Carol Yeomans provides you with a tour of the Dragon technology, showing its features and capabilities.

2.Carol takes you to Dragon Boot Camp where you will communicate with your computer to create your own individual user file, using simple commands. The aim is to give you the foundations you need to take your complimentary copy of Dragon home, install it on your own system and learn to use it effectively.

3.Margaret Nielsen, teacher from Friends School in Hobart, explains how she uses Dragon in the classroom to encourage better written expression. She will discuss examples of good writing and encourage you to use Dragon for some writing exercises. Shell discuss how to evaluate written material and how to measure improvements in expression.

Each participant will receive a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred software, including a noise-cancelling headset.

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