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Introductory training with Clicker 5

Workshop 4 - afternoon 1pm-4pm

Preseters:Jane Whitten, Judy Hunter-Dickson, Inclusive Technologies Team, ACT Department of Education and Training

Workshop: Clicker 5 - Introductory training with Clicker 5

Target Audience: pre-school to year 12 teachers


Clicker 5 is a versatile writing support and multimedia program that teachers and learners of all ages can use to create a variety of digital activities such as talking books, labelling, classifying, and word and sentences banks. It also contains a picture supported talking word processor. With a program like this it is very easy to modify activities to meet the learning needs of different students.

Part 1: An introduction to the program, Clicker Writer (talking word processor), and how to create Talking Books.

Part 2: Creating Learning Grids to provide word, phrase, and sentence supports to assist with the writing process.

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