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Cartoons and Animation

Workshop 1 - full day 9am-4pm

Presenter: Vic Gecas, Sacred Heart College, WA

Workshop: Cartoons and Animation

Target Audience: Beginners welcome, but participants should be aware of the basics of Flash.


Walt Disney once said If you can dream it, you can do it. He was of course referring to the art of animation, and that anything is possible if you have the patience, ideas and drive. This whole day, project-based workshop will attempt to instruct teachers all they need to know to create engaging interactive content with Flash.

Using step-by-step instructions with projects that build on the knowledge learnt in each lesson, you will learn the key elements of the Flash interface. From there, you will learn how to work with vector and bitmap graphics, create symbols, modify text, add interactivity, and incorporate animation, music, and sound. Also learn how to export your finished projects. Participants will be given access to sample teaching programs and files they need to complete the projects.

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