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Oracle - Silver Sponsor

Who We Are
The Oracle Foundation is an independent, charitable organization funded by Oracle.

We help students to develop the vital skills necessary for life and work in the 21st century - technological skills, communication skills, critical thinking, cross-cultural understanding, and self-direction. These skills are crucial to student's future success, and equally important to the future of innovation.

What We Do
We provide ThinkQuest and to primary and secondary schools around the world for free. These programs support over 276,000 participants in 73 countries. They engage students in project learning supported by technology, and enable teachers to easily integrate 21st century skills development into their curricula.

We also sponsor a teacher professional development program called the 21st Century Learning Institute. Worldwide, we partner with over 80 organizations that share our goals. We make select grants to support partners, fund projects, and increase low-income students' participation in our programs.

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