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Paul Sutton

Paul Sutton

New Basics in the Cape consultant for Education Queensland

Paul has taught in North Queensland for 30 years most of it as Mathematics Head of Department at Ingham State High School.

He has 27 years of moderation experience in multiple roles within the Queensland system and contributed to developing the current Senior Mathematics A, B and C syllabuses. As a learner, he explored ways of helping students learn in the traditional curriculum and shared successes with colleagues as a presenter at many mathematics and other conferences. He has extensive experience with managing personal behaviour, Conflict Resolution and Leadership programs.

In 2001 Paul joined the New Basics Project to support the trial in 58 Primary and Secondary schools. His blend of expertise made him particularly valuable to Primary schools where he has done much of his New Basics project work. He was instrumental in the extension of the New Basics curriculum to 14 Cape York schools where he continues to work with 14 schools in some of the remotest parts of Australia.

Paul is the only person to be involved in three implementations of the New Basics Curriculum and has learnt a great deal from seeing it through in vastly different settings with the accumulating wisdom of all who have worked with him in this exciting initiative.
Paul is currently working with the teachers of Nauru to develop a locally appropriate education system aligning curriculum, pedagogy and assessment in a significant adaptation of the New Basics curriculum to a very different Pacific community.

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