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Teaching Australia Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership supports and advances the effectiveness and standing of the teaching profession. It was launched as a permanent body on 5December2005, following a period of interim operation as the National Institute for Quality Teaching and School Leadership (NIQTSL).

Teaching Australia is a company limited by guarantee, established under the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997. It is funded by the Australian Government and owned by the Minister for Education, Science and Training. The Institute operates under its own constitution, with decisions made by an independent board of directors from the teaching profession.


Teaching Australia is the national body for the teaching profession, promoting quality teaching and school leadership for the benefit of all Australians.


Teaching Australia has four major objectives:

  • to support and advance the quality of teaching in Australian schools
  • to support and advance the quality of school leadership
  • to strengthen the teaching profession
  • to establish an organisation that operates openly, collaboratively, efficiently and ethically

Operating principles

The following operating principles guide the work of Teaching Australia:

  • national perspective
  • engaging the profession
  • catalysing action
  • focus on quality teaching and school leadership
  • advocacy
  • collaboration and communication
  • evidence base
  • independence


The focus of Teaching Australia is the profession as a whole, embracing the professional practice of teaching and school leadership in all settings, sectors and jurisdictions. Teaching Australia initiates and supports work in the areas of pre-service teacher preparation, professional standards, professional learning, research and promotion of the profession.


On 17 July 2003, the Hon. Dr Brendan Nelson MP, Minister for Education, Science and Training, announced that the Australian Government would establish a national institute for quality teaching and school leadership, commencing in 2004.

A Consortium of the Allen Consulting Group, Dr Gregor Ramsey and Deloitte was commissioned by the Department of Education, Science and Training to develop an implementation strategy to establish the institute. Based on submissions and consultations, a detailed implementation strategy was presented to the Australian Government in March 2004.

NIQTSL was set up in June 2004 as an interim body to develop a program of activities to meet its objectives and make proposals to the Australian Government for the continuing entity. NIQTSL operated until the launch of the permanent body, Teaching Australia, on 5 December 2005.

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