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ACEC 2006 welcomes theDEA as a Gold Sponsor

The Queensland Government, through the Department of Education and the Arts, is proud to sponsor this exciting event for the Australian and international education community.

ICT in Queensland schools

In Queensland, teachers and school ICT leaders have been rallying behind the Queensland ICT strategy for schools, called Smart Classrooms, since its launch in mid 2005.

The Smart Classrooms strategy is helping make 21st Century technologies integral to learning and build the classroom of the future: the smart classroom.

Through the strategy, schools are establishing ICT as the bedrock of 21st century schools, where new technologies spark greater interaction between students, teachers, parents and guardians.

This is helping cement new technologies into the core of education as an integral part of all teaching and learning.

ICT is vital to todays students

Today and more so tomorrow, schools need to think differently about the way they engage students. This is fundamental to supporting the current generation of students, who are digital natives.

They need the know-how to harness the potential of new technologies to undertake even everyday activities including interacting, communicating and accessing information.

Supported by school ICT leaders, teachers have a central role in helping students harness the potential of new technologies by transforming education from ICT-poor to ICT-rich.

Their actions will help make new technologies integral to learning, which is the goal of the Smart Classrooms strategy.


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Department of Education and the Arts, Smart Classrooms strategy
Provides detailed information on Smart Classrooms, the ICT strategy for Queensland schools.

Education Queensland, the Learning Place
Delivers online learning and communication facilities, professional learning communities, and online curriculum resources for Queensland state schools and affiliated institutions.

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