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Aidan McCarthy

Aidan McCarthy is the WW Strategy Director for K-12. He is based at Microsofts headquarters in Redmond, USA. Aidan began with Microsoft in 2001 as the WW Learning Solutions Specialist based in the US. During 2003 to 2005 he was based in London as the Learning Solutions Manager for the Microsoft Education Solutions Group serving countries throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. In this role he worked on major policy and strategies around professional development, skills, product development and education solutions such as Learning Suite, Microsoft Learning Gateway and the Innovative Teachers Network that are now been developed for Worldwide implementation.

Aidan is an Australian and comes from a family of teachers. Aidan has a Bachelor of Education and a Masters degree in Learning Technologies.

Before joining Microsoft in 2001, Aidan, taught is Schools for fourteen years, Heading Middle Schools and Directing Technology Programmes including Australias largest 1 to 1 Notebook program. Aidan has assisted in creating education policy directions for Governments and Ministries of Education. He is a recognized speaker and well known for the work he had done in helping schools and teachers effectively integrate Learning technologies into the curriculum.

Aidan is married to Karen and has a very well travelled eleven year old daughter, Caitlin. He enjoys all sports, travel and tinkering with technology.


Imagine a school where you have the best learning environment? What does it look like? Why is it different? Does every student and every teacher have unlimited access to a learning device that is wirelessly connected to any resource and offers individualized learning anywhere anytime?

Imagine ...

You had this learning environment but students were still bored, disconnected, and academic achievement was only slightly improving.

Did you think Big enough? Find out during this session if you have considered all of the key areas to create a 21st Century Learning Environment.

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