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A poster session is a commonly held event in conferences and is valued by the attendees. They are an official part of the conference program, and poster speakers are honored in the same way as every other speaker at the conference. At ACEC 2006 there will be up to 64 posters organised in groups of 4.

What is a poster session?
Posters involve speakers setting up a display and being available at a poster stand for one hour to speak informally to delegates who visit the poster stands area. Each display area contains one landscape display board 2440mm wide x 1800mm high (2320 mm x 1120 mm useable space), a 1.8m x.75m trestle table with white table cloth and a 4amp power supply. There will be a 17 inch monitor available for speakers to attach to a laptop to give a dual display.

Poster speakers can have both electronic display and paper displays. Posters will be organised in groups of four. Speakers with similar topics will be grouped together. That is, four speakers will be available for the hour to speak informally with delegates.

What to bring?
Bring along items to use in a physical display posters, signs, student work, and related artefacts. If you wish to use a digital display to complement your attractive physical display, bring along a laptop. You will need to bring everything you need, to stimulate dialogue with people who visit you at your display. You will need to bring along pins and other things to attach your display to the pin board.

Internet access
There is broadband wireless access available for delegates in the posters areas. You will need a wireless card in your laptop to take advantage of this service. The service is free to all delegates and speakers.

The Program Book entry
Your title, name and abstract will appear in the program booklet in a group with the three other speakers, also available for delegates in your timeslot. Your title and abstract should intrigue and attract delegates to come and talk with you.

Set up and pull down
You will need to do this fairly quickly. Where practical, we have allocated poster slots so that there is a spare timeslot available to you to set up your display and pull it down. There will be up to 8 people using the same display board as you in the conference program, so you can not set up your display until just before your allocated spot.

Speakers preparation
Speakers may want to test equipment, internet access and connection to display devices before their poster spot. There will be periodic speakers briefings before and during the conference and there is a speakers preparation room available to use throughout the conference.

Speakers discount.
As a poster speaker, you are entitled to a speakers rate of $495. We expect all speakers to register by July 31 to confirm their program slot.

Your contact for questions

Michael Carstens

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