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While Australia was a fast adopter of earlier generations of communication technology, Australia is currently lagging behind other Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries in broadband take-up. P.39 Australia ICT data collection case study - 2005

In 2003 95% of 5-14 year olds Australian young people had access to the internet. Amongst the 12 to 14 year olds, as many as 88 per cent had been online and 99 per cent had used a computer. p.27 Australia ICT data collection case study - 2005

In November 2004, employment in the Australian ICT sector represented 3.6 per cent of total Australian employment. The unemployment rate for ICT professionals was 3.1 per cent, below the national rate of 5.3 per cent. Employment of ICT professionals had remained stable between 2000 and early 2004. While there were some 236000 people employed in ICT specialist firms in June 2003 , some 356000 ICT professionals and trades persons worked in the broader Australian economy in late 2004. P.35 Australia ICT data collection case study - 2005

In 2003 thirty per cent of schools had a capacity inferior to 128 kbps and some 10 per cent had more than a 1 Mbps connection. p.31 Australia ICT Data Collection Study


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