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Okhwa Lee - featured speaker

E-Learning in Korea

Professor Okhwa Lee,

Department of Computer Education and

Director of the Instructional Media Center,

Chungbuk National University, Korea.

Korea is ranked as the number one country for its broadband penetration rate per household by IDC and number 5 for the e-government readiness by United Nations. In e-Learning, Korea is also one of the leading countries. In this session I will explore what has beendone at national and international levels to improve education in Korea.

The Education Broadcasting Service e-Learning program was launched in April 2004 to reduce private tutoring expenses thereby narrowing the educational gap due to the region and socio-eoconomic status. This was the first national level approach to promote the publicinterests in e-Learning and we owe its successto thenational level ICT in education policies inearly 2000's.Following this, the National Teaching-Learning Center was established in September 2004 and the Cyber Home Learning Service for k-9 students was launched in April 2005.

In order to share the experience with the international community, Korea is active in international collaboration. Koreaplays a consultative role withthe APEC Education Center for e-Learning andsharing e-Learning facilities and experiences.

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