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Computing Studies Teachers - all states

Computing Studies teachers will find many papers on topics directly related to the subject matter of Computing studies subjects, pedagogy, e-learning techniques and tools, and online projects. The workshops and pre-conference program will also be of interst. The following is just a small sample of what is on offer.

Human-Computer Interaction: Who is General Failure and Why is

He Reading Drive

Burmeister, Dr Jay

This workshop will overview the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) field including its relationship to other fields and disciplines, and its ethos, themes and values. The content of the HCI topic in the Queensland IPT syllabus will be examined and possible ways in which the content can be embedded in other strands will be discussed.

Introduction to the Pragmatic Teaching of Database Concepts

Nykvist, Mr Shaun -

Essentially a good understanding of databases allows us to effectively deal with data such that we have worthwhile information. This paper describes a practical approach to teaching essential database theory to computer studies students and undergraduate education students. It highlights a practical approach to illustrating set theory in terms of diagrammatic examples and relates this to junior mathematics concepts.

Teaching with Localized Programming Languages

Javed, Mr. Adeel -

Teaching programming languages to beginners is not easy, and to aid this process special programming languages and tools have been developed. Beginners face difficulty in learning a new programming language and especially when that programming language has keywords from a foreign language. This paper discusses idea of using localized programming languages for teaching, a couple of techniques to implement this idea, their benefits and limitations.

The NXT Generation of Educational Robotics

Kennewell, Ms Annette -

In this hands-on workshop, you will use the new LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT Software to program the new NXT robot with new ultrasonic and sound sensors, improved light and touch sensors, and new interactive servo motors with built-in rotation sensors. All teachers attending this hands-on workshop will go in a draw to win a LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT Set, Software and Teacher's Activity CD.

What no tables on a web page?

Potter, Mr David -

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can be used to build the structure/layout of a page not only manage the formatting of text. With the deprecation of HTML tags it is a must to become familiar with this design technology. The advantages are enormous.

IPT Totally Online

Kelly, Mr Richard -

This workshop will demonstrate some of the applications developed by teachers in the Virtual Schooling Service and help you migrate to a purely online environment. Topics in the workshop include setting up a server (with Apache) and using PHP and MySQL to run online programming (RoboAnt and PHP programming), information systems and artificial intelligence (expert systems).

VET Multimedia. Is this the future of ICT in Years 11 and 12?

Gebhart, Mr Greg -

In Victoria, Information Technology as a Year 11 and 12 subject is in rapid decline; however VET Multimedia is growing faster than any other subject area. The Generation Y student is drawn to visual subjects and a chance to have more hands on than theory. Common career threads include: game designers, graphic artists, movie developers, media specialists and animators. This session will discuss the course content for this program as well as showcase a wide range of student achievements.

Group Work and IPT - A Moodle-Mediated Multi-Stage Information System Project in IPT

Whitehouse, Mr Peter -

The new IPT Syllabus for Queensland Schools suggests that group work is a mandatory and significant aspect of the course of study. Using smart tools, this aspect of system development can be scaffolded, can demonstrate clear authorship of ideas, can allow teachers to participate and/control the process and can be empowering for the students. This paper explores a personal approach to the complex task of group project mediation using a Moodle.

Two Birds with One Stone - Service and Learning through the School Computer Club

Oxley, Mr John -

This session will examine how service learning can be used with students to improve their engagement with the school computer club by providing meaningful tasks that not only build effective collaborative partnerships between the school and the community but also strengthen the participants ICT skills.

Making the transition from school to higher education - ICT as a unit of study in the BEd program for Year 12 students

Maguire, Dr Martin -

This paper reports on a collaborative project between the Australian Catholic University and the Parramatta Catholic Education Office called Step Up Into Teaching (SUIT). The program helps students transition from secondary to tertiary education by studying a 60 hour Board of Studies approved course while in Year 12.

Pedagogical issues in teaching with and about information and communications technologies (ICT)

Jones, Dr Anthony -

In this article we report preliminary findings from the analysis of video-taped secondary school IT lessons. The video data reported here was collected in a pilot study conducted at secondary schools located in Melbourne. The aim of the study was to investigate the potential of using lesson events, as defined by Clarke and his colleagues (Clarke, 2003) in their international work on secondary school mathematics lessons, as a way of analysing lessons involving ICT.

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