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Henrik Christiansen

IT Teachers Case Study: Product development cycle - from concept to market

IT Studies syllabuses from Australia provide an excellent understanding of the IT industry for students. There is no doubt that these syllabuses prepare the generation of producers of IT products and services. Case studies of the IT industry will provide an excellent grounding in the product development cycle. Sometimes products develop from a new concept and sometimes from experience. LEGO Education used its experiences from Robolab gained in classrooms over the past 7 years and transformed it into a new concept. With the MINDSTORMS Education NXT new software was written. The learning agenda and market place drove our decisions. Learn about the way the new product has been designed and reflect together about how to help students use this case study to think about their role in future global IT industry.

Henrik H. Christiansen is the Director - Innovation & Marketing at LEGO Education in Denmark. He is responsible forthe development and marketing of new educational concepts. He has a wicked sense of humor.

Age: 41 years (at the time of the conference at least)
Education: Master of Business Administration with focus on marketing
Work experience: 14 years with the LEGO Group hereof 2 years at LEGO Education.
Extensive experience in childrens development and understanding their needs and how to turn this into successful concepts. Also extensive experience in leading innovation.

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