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Gerry White

Gerry White, CEO, limited

Gerry White is Chief Executive Officer of limited (, a company limited by guarantee and owned by the Australian education and training Ministers. The company provides leadership and innovation in technology enabled services and careers services in education and training.

Tales from the edge
The eighties and nineties were a period of strong growth for the use of the World Wide Web in schools, vocational education and training, and higher education in Australia. The focus was about providing quality educational resources, services and adequate bandwidth for accessing information. However, as educational authorities have been trying to play catch-up, the uses of the web have changed considerably. For example,, eBay, Wikipedia and Google have shown success on the web using the attributes of the web to best advantage, creating innovative ways of harnessing the new technologies. These highly successful services have lead to new thinking about web services which is being called Web 2.0. These creative uses of the web to provide services are changing the ways people think, work and learn.

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