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Podcasting - ICT & Indigenous Culture

Workshop8: Sunday 9.00-1.00 REGISTER NOW!

Podcasting Workshop

ICT, Indigenous Culture, Technology Literacy and YOU, Today, Tomorrow and the Future!"

What's Next? Student Video Podcasts, Student Lead Professional Development, Portable

Media, Nano-Technology and more....

Come to this workshop for a hands on interactive experience building a MultiCultural Video

Podcast using your laptop, external microphone, digital camera or mobile phone.Learn how

Maori emersion, students lead professional development, and MultiCultural curriculum can

supplement your classroom instruction through the use of ICT. These three Educators of

Color have been using ICT in the classroom and their communities for over twenty years.

Come join the fun and add to your ICT tool box. Also Dialogue about "21st Century Students,

19th Century Teachers, andthe role ICT plays in a Diverse Society.

Expected Audience: Fun for all,novice, K-12teachers and experts welcome.

Presenters: Rachael Tuwhangai from the University ofAuckland, NZ, James Smith and

Sylvester Robertson, ISTE Minority Leadership SymposiumICT Educators from Seattle and

Los Angeles respectively

Cost: $55 including GST


Welcome & Introductions to Indigenous, Urban and Rural Multicultural content.

Hands-on use of, online resource: My eCoach is a Learning Community that builds sustainable coaching and mentoring programs that allow anyone to learn, share, and connect at anytime from anywhere with Podcasts, Blogs, lessons and more

Hands-on orientation to the experience of the many ways that podcasting can enhance teaching and learning. Podcasting is a powerful tool for education that allows for easy creation, distribution and management of audio, video, and photographic content? Content that can be synched to iPod, or stored on a Laptop - allowing for anywhere, anytime access to learning. We'll cover a basic podcasting workflow from recording, uploading, and publishing.

Ending with: Sharing podcasts of the day.

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