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Intouch is very proud to support ACEC 2006. Intouch will present a series of workshops to provide classroom teachers with lots of ideas on how digital media and digital technology can form part of everyday lessons as an integral component of the curriculum. At Intouch we teach, create and manage.


  • Are you among the majority of teachers who throw their hands in the air at the thought of having to book a computer lab?
  • Does the knowledge of compulsory technology education scare you senseless?

Youre not alone. Intouch will take you step by step through the skills outlined in the Technology aspects of the syllabus, give you tried and tested tips and tricks on how to overcome technology in the classroom issues and concerns, and show you how to make technology work for you. So we could make it easier for you to access quality resources, learn the skills required and deliver these to your students just in time.

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Intouch are the Australian managers of the Microsoft Office Specialist program and the Microsoft IT Academy program. For more information on both programs go to or call 1800 641 898


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