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Three-Nations Keynote

The keynote team on Cape York The keynote team on Cape York

The Three-Nations Keynote

A collaborative research project has been undertaken for two years leading up to the conference enabling these leading ICT practitioners and leaders to share their work with local and Indigenous youth. The results of their work will inspire you to undertake similar projects in your community.

Generating Cultural Competence the story of young peoples use of ICTs and the programs and initiatives which gave them the chance to construct an understanding of their learning and their cultural use of ICTs.

Young peoples use of technologies in and out of schooling enables them to construct a personal cultural context about how they interact with their world. This will be influenced by their personal use of technologies in their peer culture and the opportunities they get to learn powerfully within the programs and initiatives that shape their formal and informal learning journey. Curriculum reform and pedagogical reform are changing what children learn and how they learn in schools. Programs in the community add to the learning journey of young people. When ICTs are used in their programs, how do young people build a future cultural system for recording, constructing and communicating the messages which will shape their future?

This Keynote production features speakers from three countries who have been involved in leading and supporting programs for young people and educational reforms where ICTs have had very different roles in the lives of the students and their teachers. Performing as themselves, these speaker-actors will weave their story with media-enabled voices from students and teachers in their programs. Hear the voices from young people and their teachers/mentorsfrom

Gen Y programs in the US, Maori Schools in New Zealand, New Basics Schools in Queensland and the Computer Culture Project in Cape York.

Actors: James Smith, Rachel Tuwhangai, Paul Sutton, teachers and students

Photo Gallery

James Smith James Smith
Rachel Tuwhangi Rachel Tuwhangi
Paul Sutton Paul Sutton
James and Paul James and Paul
Rachel with students in Cairns Rachel with students in Cairns
James with students at Bloomfield James with students at Bloomfield
With teachers in Cairns With teachers in Cairns
James and Michelle James and Michelle
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