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IPOD in the classroom

Introducing the IPod for Education

iPod revolutionised music and it quickly took over the classroom as a portable learning tool, allowing anywhere, anytime access to speeches, audio books, and lectures. Soon photos and podcasts expanded teaching possibilities, and, now,video is evolving the experience even further.

The opportunities are endless now for teachers to seamlessly create, organise, distribute, and access all kinds of learning materials. The power to learn is in your handswitness the evolution of the revolution.

Class notes, not just musical notes.

Transfer text-based information to your iPod and read it onscreen. With the notes reader, news articles, classroom notes, even flash cards for spelling tests can be right at hand. You can even link audio files and notes files for enhanced audio/visual learning, and Podcasts allow students to subscribe to text, audio and video curriculum materials right out of iTunes.

iPod lesson plans

View educator-created lesson plans for using iPod in the classroom for various grade levels and subject areas, and learn how teachers are using this engaging audio learning tool to raise student achievement.

iPod resources at

iPod How-to Guides
Working with Calendars
Pushing Information to Others iPods
Working with Audio and Text Content
iPod tutorials, discussions, and support
iPod accessories

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