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Get inside a powerhouse of ideas - the Learn IT, Teach IT CD version 2 now available!
Now in its second Australian version, the Learn IT, Teach IT CD is a powerhouse of ideas for Australian teachers to integrate ICT into curriculum and its free to copy, network, or post on your intranet.
Designed to give you the confidence and capabilities you need to create a compelling learning experience for students, this resource is based on software you are already familiar with. It has everything you need to get started, including teacher tutorials, tips and guides, lesson plans, Australian curriculum and software resources and more.
The CD has been developed and localised by Microsoft under the Partners in Learning initiative, a worldwide program that will see Microsoft invest $10 million in cash and resources into Australian schools over five years.
Order your complimentary copy of the Learn IT, Teach IT CD at

The Online Resource Centre your students need
Microsofts online resource centre provides:

Core Training for various Office applications including: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Producer, Tablet PC, OneNote, FrontPage and even core training for MAC users.
Microsoft Photo Story step by step tutorials and sample multimedia files
Microsoft Producer step by step tutorials and sample multimedia files
Lesson plans for teachers and students
Office Tips & Tricks

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