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Queensland educators who are not yet personal members of QSITE should consider the following offer from QSITE. These discounts on membership (together with a conference discount) makes the time right to pursue your personal membership of QSITE.

By being a member of QSITE, you will save $100 on conference registration, making the offers very reasonable - they pay for themselves.

QSITE is offering for 2006:

If the school/college/university/TAFE where you work already has institutional membership, you will only need to pay $59.95 to gain individual membership. Now that's a huge discount!

If you don't qualify for the first offer, but decide to take out a new membership (individual or institutional) or renew a current membership (individual or institutional) before our AGM next year (3/3/06), then we will give you a 10% discount off the standard rate.

The membership form detailing these offers can be found at:

When registering for the conference, please quote your QSITE membership number for your $100 discount.

Last modified: 2/6/2006
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