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The ICT Learning Innovation Centre is the Department of Education and the Arts premier professional development centre for the education sector. The ICT Learning Innovation Centre is a unique facility specialising in delivering leadership in learning using information and communication technologies (ICT). Designed for life in the Smart State, the ICT Learning Innovation Centre supports the development of Smart Classrooms and assists teachers to make new technology an integral part of student learning. Developed in 2004 in partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast, the state-of the-art facility promotes the innovative use of ICT to enhance learning and deliver quality assured services in education.


Promoting innovative learning


The ICT Learning Innovation Centre leads the way in the application of ICT for learning. A testbed for new and emerging technologies and innovative pedagogical approaches, the Centre is focused on developing and incubating innovative teaching and learning practices. Exploring partnerships with industry and service providers to realise the learning potential of new technologies, the Centre creates new professional development and training opportunities for teachers across Queensland. The Centre features flexible teaching and learning spaces supported by advanced technical resources. It is the perfect choice for teachers seeking professional development opportunities. The Centre is also ideal for principals seeking to hold staff training, or teachers planning a technology field trip for students.  


education services

Both teachers and students benefit from the professional development opportunities and

student learning initiatives available at the ICT Learning Innovation Centre.


Professional development programs

The Centre provides a diverse range of professional development opportunities for

teachers. All levels, from beginners to experienced users, are catered for. Full day,

half day and afternoon sessions focus on the integration of ICT within a cross-curricular

framework. Courses include:

> multimedia and web design

> games in learning

> spatial technologies

> adaptive technologies

> ICT update briefings

> classroom integration of ICT

> e-learning development and delivery skills

> discovery-based learning through ICT


> practical applications for the Microsoft desktop


Brokerage service

The Centre designs and delivers customised professional development sessions for individual

schools to suit the learning and development needs of their staff.


Technology field trips

The Centre features a range of educational technologies designed to encourage hands-on

learning among students. On a visit to the Centre, students can access digital video and still

cameras, robotics kits, video editing software, digital microscopes and more.


Customised event programs and conferences

The Centre creates customised school field trips and professional development program packages (including catering and accommodation if required).


Quality-assured services

The Centre offers a range of quality-assured services including:

> accredited certificate programs

> situated-learning practicums

> e-learning

> instructional design

> coaching/mentoring

> brokerage/consultation

> integrating ICTs into classroom practice

> reinventing curriculum 

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