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The Navcon consortium are delighted to endorse this conference and encourage all teachers who have shared in the Navcon stories to contribute to the ACEC 2006 program and attend the conference. Use the spirit of ACEC 2006 to share the successes of your professional work. Enjoy the dialogue of like-minded peers at this conference.

Navigator Schools of Victoria

Apollo Parkways Primary School, Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Essendon North Primary School, and Glen Waverley Secondary College were established as Navigator Schools in October 1995. Since 1995, these schools have been leaders in the the effective integration of Learning Technologies and Teaching and Learning strategies to improve teaching and learning and school administrative practices.

The Navigator Schools aspire to support the development of students as autonomous learners, whose preferred learning styles are facilitated and extended by teachers who have a wide range of teaching strategies to draw on.

The Navigator Schools are committed to sharing their experience and continuing journey of whole school change and innovative pedagogy with the broader educational community. Since January 1997, the schools have provided an extensive range of professional development to over 40,000 participants.

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