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ACEC 2006 Welcomes DEST as a Gold Sponsor

The Australian Government, through the Department of Education, Science and Training, welcomes the opportunity to be a Gold Sponsor for this important conference.

We recognise that schools must produce graduates who are not only literate and numerate, but also equipped to use ICT effectively in all aspects of their lives as students, future workers and citizens. We are committed to learning through innovation and the potential for ICT to support quality and national consistency across all Australian schools.


DEST provides national leadership and works in collaboration with the states and territories, industry, other agencies and the community in support of the Australian Governments objectives. We develop and implement policies to ensure the continuing relevance of education, science and training to contemporary needs and the growing requirement for lifelong learning. We also ensure high quality and value for money in delivering government funded programmes.

We know that we have achieved our key goals by measuring our business performance against the indicators set out in our Portfolio Budget Statements and our business plans. Our achievements are reported in our Annual Report.

Medium term strategic priorities

1. Nationally comparable standards and reporting to drive improved learning outcomes for all students
2. Improved learning outcomes for Indigenous students
3. Enhanced quality of teaching and learning in a safe and supportive environment
4. Improved transitions of young people through school to further education and training or work
5. Increase the diversity of post school education and training provision to meet the expectations of individuals, industry and communities
6. Enhance the long term sustainability of education and training provision for post school students
7. Increase collaboration between and across vocational education and higher education sectors to respond to the needs of individuals, industry and communities
8. Strengthen the quality of post school education and training outcomes for individuals and the community
9. Achieve equitable participation and outcomes for all Australians from post school education and training
10. Strengthen Australias ability to generate and use new knowledge
11. Enhance research and development in key national priority areas
12. Enhance innovation performance through a strengthened science and technology base
13. Develop facilities to safely manage Australia's low and intermediate level radioactive waste
14. Strengthen and diversify national and international linkages and collaboration
15. Raise international recognition of the quality of Australias education, research and training
16. Encourage life-long engagement with science and technology


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