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Bring your classroom alive!

Teach and learn about the Reefup close


Reef HQ is the Education Centre for the Great Barrier Reef. It gives students of all ages and learning abilities a unique environment to experience and learn about the Great Barrier Reef. Reef HQs innovative education programs are age-specific and allow students to work towards objectives outlined in syllabus documents.  All of the Reef HQ Education Programs are supported by our Reef Education web site 




Reef HQ Education is facilitated by a team of qualified educators, you and your students will:

        observe more than 5000 live sea creatures;

        experience the habitats, ecosystems and behaviour of reef creatures;

        analyse the interactions that exist between reef creatures;

        appreciate the requirements for a healthy ecosystem;

        discover the latest in reef research; and

        take actions that will protect the future of the Great Barrier Reef.


The Living Classroom 


Now this is a dynamic classroom! Our staff and volunteers will guide you through your Living Classroom experience. These age-specific, innovative curriculum-centred programs include interactive activities and investigation challenges, stimulating inquiring minds to discover all they can about the Reef. We provide teachers with curriculum-linked activities to enhance and extend student learning.


Reef Sleep


Have you ever wondered what happens on the night shift? Experience the reef at night and find out! The Reef Sleep program is an exciting and safe way for you and your students to observe the nocturnal habits of our reef creatures. Go behind-the-scenes of our 2.5 million-litre Coral Reef Exhibit; have supper and fall asleep to the rhythmic sounds of the wave machine; and wake up to breakfast and the breathtaking views of Reef HQ.


Reef Play


Even the youngest members of the family can learn about the reef, through Reef Play! Our experienced staff and volunteers will keep 15 year olds entertained through games, activities, storytelling, sing-a-longs and puppet shows. Its all part of the fun of Reef Play.


Reef Videoconferencing 


Wherever you are in the world, experience the Reef with Reef Videoconferencing. During this underwater fact-finding mission, your classroom will be transported to the Coral Reef and Predator exhibits at Reef HQ. State-of-the-art technology unlocks unique teaching and learning experiences, including information delivered by a scuba diver.  Reef Videoconferences are supported by comprehensive teaching materials, and educate students about a range of marine issues.




Making a booking


Contact the Education Team to discuss your program needs.

Phone: (07) 4750 0800

Fax: (07) 4772 6093



Bookings are required two weeks in advance for all programs on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend that you book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Please have the following on hand when making a booking:


        Contact details phone, fax and email

        Preferred and alternative dates

        Preferred education program time

        Approximate number of students attending



Education Program Times           Education Program Prices (per student)

9:00am 10:30am                           Day Programs                                   $7.65

11:00am 12:30pm                         Reef Sleep                                         $38.50

1:00 pm 2:30pm                            Reef Sleep & Day Program                 $41.80

                                                            Student Research Pass                $13.20

                                                            (1 month unlimited day visits)



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