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Extended Advisory Committee

We are grateful for all the support people across the country and elsewhere are offering the organising committee. There are some folk willing to participate in conference organisation and promotion. We have formed an "Extended Advisory Committee" to acknowledge their support and provide them with a concrete way of contributing.

We acknowledge the following people:

David Stubbs - American School of Doha, Doha, Qarar
Roland Gesthuizen - Westall Sec Coll.  VITTA.
Janet Hayes - (Victoria)  ACE
Thea Van Os - Catholic Education (ACT)
Therese Neil - ACT Schools 
Gayleen Jackson - Cleveland SS

Their current tasks:

  • General awareness-raising about the conference asking people to claim the date
  • Ask systems, universities, colleges and commercial groups to claim the date and not claim this date for other events
  • Providing contacts to the management teams
  • Providing advice at any time

The Extended Advisory team will meet online every school term to keep in touch with the managment teams. Date yet to be fixed.

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