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This area of our site will introduce our management team, describe their roles and also be a home page for all the management teams and groups.

Management Structures

Our management structure is:-


Conference Chair 

Mark Holland (Immediate Past Chair of QSITE: Far North Queensland Chapter)


Conference Convenor

Michelle Williams (Immediate Past President of the Australian Council for Computers in Education)


Conference Treasurer

Lyn Allsop (QSITE Treasurer)


Conference Management Committee A group which support all sub committees and the Conference Chair. The following is the make-up of this group.

  • Conference Chair
  • Conference Convenor
  • Conference Treasurer
  • Chairs of all Sub-committees
  • Other designated members (as required)

Program Committee

Chair: Dr Neil Anderson (James Cook University)


Leadership Symposium Committee

Chair Ian Moller-Neilson (Principal)

Conference Support Network This group comprises local Cairns volunteers who have taken an active role in the conference management and have formed a support network. This group meets once a term and also participates in decision making about their local conference.  This  group includes contacts from industry and teachers from the different educational systems.



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