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Barb Jenkins

Barb Jenkins Barb Jenkins

Barb is currently Senior Project Officer with the Australian Government Quality Teacher Program in South Australia. She has also worked as Discovery School Project Manager, Assistant Principal (Curriculum), Quality Teacher Project Consultant for two districts and as a teacher and innovation leader in primary and secondary schools.

Barbs work centres around the development of learning culture, with teams, sites and districts, that better enable mindful use of learning technologies within a multi-literacies framework.


She is the originator of the term PowerPointLessness, often referred to by Jamie McKenzie. She uses this term to describe the tendency toward the use of technologies for razzle-dazzle rather than substance, and the ways in which software applications can become drivers of the curriculum.


She has been an invited speaker in the US and England and is both challenging and inspirational.
Barb's presentation is entitled: So What?
As more and more teachers invest the time, energy, patience and persistence required to use technology with their students, many are asking themselves and each other, "So What?"
Learning outcomes for their students are not measurably improved, except perhaps, in how to use the technology.  This session explores some ways in which all kinds of teachers are working together to ask the hard questions and then construct a response that utilises the power of technology to develop the Multi-literacies of their students.
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