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Monday Tours

ACEC 2004 is offering a number of tours for Monday 5th July.

These will include combinations of the following highlights

  • a visit to the newly established Australian Science and Mathematics School
  • a visit to Mawson Lakes School, part of the Mawson Lakes/ Technology Park environment
  • a 'Techie Tour' of innovative ICT places
  • a cheese and wine tour of the McLaren Vale wine area

Australian Science and Mathematics School                     Date: Monday 5th July           Time: 1 pm to 4 pm
The Australian Science and Mathematics School offers a very different knowledge and experiential environment based in specially designed facilities and opportunities for learning with industry and the tertiary sector. As such, it provides direct, appropriate and guided pathways into the world of work and higher learning. In this specialist public school, which is open to a wide range of applicants, student experiences in science, mathematics and related technologies are designed as project-based interdisciplinary activities, promoting authentic, vigorous and applied learning. A feature to support this is the incorporation of world-leading Information and Communication technologies (ICTs).  In keeping with the aspirations of the School, it is housed in a world class architectural showplace that nurtures and stimulates teaching and learning to occur at any time, in any place, in many ways.

In this tour, delegates will investigate the philosophies that define the learning activities at the School and explore the physical and network environments that were specially designed to facilitate the wide variety of teaching and learning practices.

Mawson Lakes School                       Date: Monday 5th July           Time: 9 am to 12 pm
Mawson Lakes School is part of a unique learning environment which is built on partnerships with the University of South Australia, the City of Salisbury Library Services and other educational providers. The Mawson Centre is at the heart of these partnerships bringing together a range of educational services that provide a leading edge information and resource service not only for the Mawson Lakes community but for the wider northern area community.

Mawson Lakes School is becoming a beacon for life long learning in Australia. Education at the school is characterised by the use of advanced information technology enabling closer links between the school, home and the community and a curriculum that has a special focus on environmental sustainability, aboriginal heritage, community involvement, global awareness and the development of enterprising and self-management skills.

Learners at Mawson Lakes, whether they be children, adolescents, adults or the aged, have the opportunity to access a wide array of educational offerings some provided on-line, some by conventional methodology, some from interstate or overseas, and some through local institutions.

ICT Applications Tour                      Date: Monday 5th July           Time: 1 pm to 4 pm

Within our everyday activities, the use of ICT has enabled many far reaching changes that affect society and the way that we operate. Teachers of ICT can draw upon many examples from within their own experience and that of their students. However there are many other examples of ICT use that are beyond the experience of most teachers and students. This tour will give participants the opportunity to see less commonly visible examples such as the use of supercomputers, applications in medical research and special environments. The tour will visit several sites within the Adelaide CBD.

Cheese and wine tour

The Southern Vales winery region of South Australia is one of Australia's premier wine growing regions. Many famous vineyards can be visited for tastings. On this tour we will visit six of these wineries, stopping for lunch at the Tourist Infomation Centre.


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