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Monday Workshops

ACEC has been able to arrange for several of our international speakers to conduct more detailed workshops on Monday 5th July at Technology School of the Future, Milner Street, Hindmarsh.

9 am to 12 noon:

Gary Stager:  Learning with MicroWorlds EX.

MicroWorlds EX, the latest generation of constructionist software, supports project-based learning in remarkable ways. Robotics, multimedia publishing, web-based simulations are within reach of all learners!

Learn how MicroWorlds EX, the latest generation of constructionist software, may be used across the curriculum by students of all ages. This new software allows students to create computationally-rich interdisciplinary projects using text, graphics, multimedia, animation and robotics. Best of all, the software is programmable and extensible embodying that which has been learned over the past four decades of Logo use.

MicroWorlds EX is designed to support a variety of disciplines by students of all ages engaging in personally meaningful projects. Robotics, multimedia programming and constructing computational models will be explored in the presentation. Participants will learn how the same software used to make multimedia presentations offers the material necessary for the construction of scientific models, interactive web content, robotics made with found material and hand-made replicas of popular software like "The Sims."

Gary has led workshops such as this one all over the world for the past 20 years. In fact, he wrote the project book that comes with MicroWorlds EX!

Kathy Schrock: Computers, Curriculum, Communication, and the Classroom

This workshop, intended for K-12 classroom teachers and administrators, will provide guided practice in the use of educational subject directories, online tools for teaching and learning, how to model the research process, tips and tricks for effective search strategies, and an overview of information literacy skills including critical evaluation of Web pages and citation of sources. Participants will learn how best to infuse the Internet into their personal, professional, and teaching lives in a meaningful and useful way! (Come prepared with a educationally-related topic to research during the session.) Requirements: comfortable with using the Internet browser and the mouse.


1 pm to 4 pm:

Dr David Jonassen: Using Technology to Support Constructive Learning and Problem Solving

  • Based on participant interests, in this workshop, I will demonstrate different ways that technology may be used to support learning to solve problems, which is the most meaningful and constructive of all human activities.
    Technology may be used to present problems to learners using anchored instruction, case-based instruction.
  • Technology may be used by learners to build their own problem representations (models of problem spaces) using expert systems, systems dynamics tools, spreadsheets, semantic networks, and others.
  • Technology may be used by learners to explore different solutions using technologies such as microworlds, simulations, cognitive flexibility hypertexts, case libraries.
  • Technology may be used  by learners to reflect on their solutions using argumentation systems, and teachbacks.

Kathy Schrock: (repeat of above)

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