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ACEC2006 ACEC2006

Pre-conference workshops add to your conference experience

Check out the preconference selection. Its the cheapest professional learning event this year.

Expert Forum: Pedagogical approaches for teaching games including design, scripting and programming.

A workshop for teachers wishing to swap ideas about teaching games, design and development. It will involve workshops, sharing sessions and some hands-on time to try out some ideas.

Network managers and ICT Coordinators workshop

Innovations in network design

Proudly hosted by Smithfield SHS for the QSITE FNQ Chapter

This is a not to be missed day for those who design and manage their school or institutions network. Principals will value a discussion of the principles behind the decision making which took place. Smithfield SHS is a School of Excellence for IT and the recipient of many projects and research programs to field test new innovations. They have called on colleagues from throughout the QSITE network to offer a day for people to share ideas, network with other IT managers and pickup those tips and tricks for solving small problems and undertaking decision making about network design

Spatial Technologies in the Classroom a preconference workshop and field activity

What are spatial technologies? How can we implement them into our classrooms? What resources are available to us? What worthwhile learning experiences do they allow for our students?

These questions will be answered while developing skills in a curriculum context with the use of GIS (Geographic Information System). An intro to GPS will allow participants to undertake a geocaching activity (GPS treasure hunt).


The Fifth Dimension (5D) is an out of school program where children are supported to use a wide range of digital media to explore, play and create projects of their own design.

This workshop will showcase the 5D projects and allow participants to explore the technologies and processes that have emerged from the 5D activity. Participants will have the opportunity to gain hands on skills in processes such as pixelisation, animation, music/sound creation and video manipulation

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