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ACCE holds a national conference every two years. Like most professional organisations, we have a history of developing web sites to support our conferences.  These have varied over the years as we learn to deal with the balance between the technologies available, costs, web services available and the host of issues associated with developing a conference web site.

In the list of web links below, you will find links to previous conference web sites.


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ACCE Conference History
ACEC conferences began in 1983. Their proceedings constitute a rich history of computer education in this country and highlight the personalities and trends which have woven the fabric of our progress from computer education to learning technology.

For a full account of the history of ACCE refer to Australian Educational Computing, Vol 15, no 1

acec 2002 - Linking Learners
acec 2002 - Linking Learners was hosted by TASITE - Tasmanian Society for Information Technology in Education

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