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About the Media Gallery

The Media Gallery is a curriculum tool than can be used in schools. It is a tool designed for use in literacy programs or as a store of images about a theme. For further information see the menu item on Curriculum Use.

The following is an overview of the functions of the gallery.

Teachers create a gallery and along with their students, create the over-arching story for the gallery. Each gallery has two passwords - a management password for teacher access and a student password for student access. Students cannot delete entries from the gallery.

Once the gallery has been created, teachers and students can then add files to the gallery and write a story to accompany each image.

Types of files
Students and teachers can add:

still images - MUST be .jpg files
panorama images - MUST be either .gif or .jpg files
video clips
sound clips

Panorama Images
The image uploaded as a panorama will be displayed to the user using a Java applet. The user can scroll the image left/right and up/down. Teachers and students can take a sequence of photographs using a digital camera. Using stitching software they can combine the images into one single image. The image is then loaded into the gallery and displayed on the site. For further information see the menu item on Creating Panoramas.

Search the Files
By searching the files, your students can view collections of files around themes or questions. This alternative view of the collections can be used to construct media stories to analyse, interpret and "read".
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